Vizart’s Cartography Corner

Exploring Italy’s History Through Vintage Maps: A Journey with VizCart
Mar 08, 2024
Explore the charm of Italy through our captivating historical maps at VizCart. From the Kingdom of Italy in 1922 to the vibrant city of Florence in 1936, each map offers a unique perspective of Italy’s rich history. Discover how these maps serve as artistic masterpieces that add elegance to any setting. Join us on this exciting journey through time!
Matte paper Italy topographic 1922 and Mediterranean Sea 1937 shaded relief maps, VizCart by VizArt
Feb 26, 2024
Join VizArt’s co-founder, Leonardo, on a captivating journey through his top 5 vintage maps. From the vibrant geological map of Grossglockner, Austria, to the minimalist topographic map of Steigen, Norway, each map tells a unique story.