Vizart’s Cartography Corner

Know-how: winter shaded relief maps for LEKI
Jul 10, 2024
Know how: VizArt recounts the creation of custom shaded relief maps of world-famous ski resorts for LEKI ad campaign, with Hochburg Studio.
Explore Sicily Like Never Before with VizCart Maps!
Jun 07, 2024
Embark on a cartographic exploration of Sicily with our latest blog post! Discover the 1967 Soil Map that reveals the island’s soil, marvel at the 1943 Topographic Map showcasing Sicily’s diverse landscapes, and visualize the terrain with our Hypsometric Maps in various color palettes. Shaded relief maps as work of art, digitally restored to their original glory. Join us as we delve into the history and beauty of Sicilian maps, and stay tuned for our upcoming adventures!
2D printed shaded relief map with 3D effect of a 1898 geological map of Mt Blanc. Shop our beautiful fine art printed maps on supreme Cotton paper. Vintage maps digitally restored and enhanced with a 3D effect, VizCart from Vizart
May 14, 2024
In this blog post, we journey through the Alps using eight unique vintage maps from Vizcart. Each map tells a story of a different part of the Alpine region, from the towering peaks of Mont Blanc and Monte Rosa to the serene valleys of Acceglio and Valgrisenche. We also delve into the history and significance of these maps, offering a rich exploration of geography and cartography. Whether you’re a map enthusiast or a lover of beautiful landscapes, this post offers a captivating tour of the Alps. Stay tuned for more explorations with Vizcart’s vintage maps!
Exploring Italy’s History Through Vintage Maps: A Journey with VizCart
Mar 08, 2024
Explore the charm of Italy through our captivating historical maps at VizCart. From the Kingdom of Italy in 1922 to the vibrant city of Florence in 1936, each map offers a unique perspective of Italy’s rich history. Discover how these maps serve as artistic masterpieces that add elegance to any setting. Join us on this exciting journey through time!
Matte paper Italy topographic 1922 and Mediterranean Sea 1937 shaded relief maps, VizCart by VizArt
Feb 26, 2024
Join VizArt’s co-founder, Leonardo, on a captivating journey through his top 5 vintage maps. From the vibrant geological map of Grossglockner, Austria, to the minimalist topographic map of Steigen, Norway, each map tells a unique story.