Our story

VizCart is VizArt's shaded relief map project. It was officially launched in February 2021, but the first works date back to July 2020. It developed its curiosity after reading an article by cartographer Daniel Huffman.

From then on it was a constant experimentation, seeking a style that could be personal and distinctive. Once the first goal had been reached, in digital, the printing trials on photographic paper and cotton began. It took 8 months before the required result was achieved.

From February 2021, the experiments and improvements on theshaded relief map kept going, introducing new types, new locations and new printing media. Follow us on this journey and if you wish, support us in any way you see fitting.

Who we are

VizArt born from the desire for independence of Silvia and Leonardo.

Autonomy to decide which project develop, freedom in our time management. The environment in which this reality develops is collective, where different skills meet to create unique projects with high attention to details.

VizArt want to be an active collective, not enslaved to the logic of profit, where a different relationship can be established, both internally and externally. We avoid the typical business relationship, preferring to follow different principles in which we believe: sharing, exchange, social skills, independence and solidarity.

Meet the team

Silvia Spacca, VizArt Team

Silvia Spacca

After a bachelor in Science and Technology of the show business, I achieved a Master in Cinema and Media Engineering.
Leonardo Zanchi, VizArt Team

Leonardo Zanchi

A bachelor's degree in Computer Science and a master's degree in Computer Science and Augmented reality and multimedia.